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See Tuvalu while it lasts

Island nation believes it's in danger of disappearing beneath the Pacific Ocean.

By May 3, 2007


Roz Savage rows the ocean blue for a green cause

British adventurer has a mission: take better care of the planet. And she's crossing an ocean--blogging and tweeting all the way--to inspire others to join her.

By April 5, 2010


The next frontier: 'Seasteading' the oceans

A visionary collection of Silicon Valley engineers and financiers has created the Seasteading Institute, which opened its doors in Palo Alto two weeks ago. The goal: to colonize the world's oceans.

By February 2, 2009


British rower finishes first leg of Pacific trek

Roz Savage crosses an ocean--or at least part of one--and arrives in Hawaii after about 100 days of rowing solo from San Francisco.

By September 2, 2008