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My rock star dreams meet a Bluetooth mini guitar

CNET's Michael Franco chases his rock 'n' roll dreams by taking lessons from a Bluetooth-enabled mini guitar. He's no Jimmy Page, yet.

By February 5, 2016


Top tutoring sites and apps

Save tutoring money by turning to tech. To keep your student on the right track, instead of hiring a costly expert, check out a few apps and Web sites to help deliver those A's. CNET's Kara Tsuboi has more in this Tech Minute.

By February 4, 2014


The Woz hired as an adviser on Sony's Steve Jobs biopic

The Apple co-founder and longtime friend of Jobs will serve as a technical "tutor" on computers and also offer insight on the iconic chief himself.

By May 17, 2012


Podcast: Video tutoring for high-schoolers

Brightstorm.com offers entertaining video instruction classes and SAT preparation for high-schoolers.

By January 12, 2009


Digital Pen gets app store, too

Owners of the Livescribe Pulse digital pen can now choose from among 30 different add-on programs from games to language translators to one that lets the pen act as Bar Mitzvah tutor.

By November 17, 2009


Outsourced tutors just an ocean away

perspective College freshman wonders what it would have been like to get high school academic help the modern way--from tutors in India.

By October 18, 2006


Game tutors file swappers in copyright

Copyright law isn't child's play, but privacy advocates hope a new game can teach consumers about intellectual property and privacy issues.

By June 20, 2002


SEC charges Net tutor duped investors

Online tutoring service Tutornet.com misled investors about the ailing state of its financial affairs, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleges.

By August 30, 2000


Short Take: Oracle offers tutoring

Oracle has introduced software for creating online training and users manuals. The software called Tutor comes with programs to train employees how to use Oracle's manufacturing and financial applications. Eleven modules are now available for about $30,000 each, plus a fee of $150 per user. The price also covers workshops to teach systems administrators how to deploy the software.

May 20, 1997


Short Take: Oracle updates training tool

Oracle released an enhanced version of its tool for training end users on its application products. Oracle Tutor 2.0 lets managers custom design training programs on Oracle's applications around specific job functions and according to their own corporate procedures. Version 2.0 now includes support for a number of new modules like human resources, payroll, and sales and marketing. Available now, pricing varies according to the number of modules and end users.

July 28, 1998