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Minnesota company cashing in on Steve Jobs' turtlenecks?

A Minnesota company called Knitcraft, according to several reports, claims that Steve Jobs was "a fan" of its $175 turtlenecks. However, after revelations that they were made by Issey Miyake, the company backtracks.

By October 16, 2011


The real reason Steve Jobs wore turtlenecks

In a snippet from his upcoming biography of Apple's co-founder, Walter Isaacson reveals that Jobs once wanted all Apple employees to wear uniforms and that the black turtleneck resulted from his relationship with fashion designer Issey Miyake.

By October 11, 2011


Closet Assistant attempts easy Web wardrobe management, social networking for turtlenecks

Organize your closet with Closet Assistant--a virtual closet makeover tool of sorts.

By January 2, 2008


Wozniak makes cameo on 'Big Bang Theory'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appeared on last night's episode of "Big Bang Theory," where he made a remark about Steve Jobs' turtlenecks.

By October 1, 2010


Jobs wannabes snatch up Steve's iconic frames

The makers of the glasses worn by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs say there's been a boost in sales following his death last month.

By November 4, 2011


Jobs' sister eulogizes her brother as 'idealistic'

Writer Mona Simpson offers an intimate portrait of the late Apple co-founder in a moving New York Times op-ed piece.

By October 30, 2011


1986 Apple fan fashion flashback

Go back in time to when the Apple logo had rainbow colors and collars were a-poppin'. The 1986 Apple Collection clothing catalog featured oversize sweatshirts and other '80s fashion atrocities.

By December 12, 2011


CNET UK Podcast 288: Who's paying for Facebook?

What would a World Wide Web be like without ads? That's just one of the questions as the CNET team check out the top tech of the week.

By May 18, 2012


Zuckerberg takes heat for hoodie on IPO road show

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter says the Facebook CEO's hoodie is a "mark of immaturity" and shows a lack of respect for investors. Even so, he set a $44 price target and gave Facebook an outperform rating.

By May 8, 2012


Friday dubbed 'Wear Black for Steve Day'

Don a black shirt and a name tag with the name of your favorite visionary to say "thanks."

By October 13, 2011