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Next Angry Birds game a turn-based RPG

Angry Birds Epic, due for a soft launch in Canada and Australia this week, takes a sharp turn away from the game's traditional mechanic.

By March 12, 2014


Android games can do turn-based multiplayer after Play update

A new update to Google Play means Android games can now begin to offer turn-based multiplayer modes via the store's built-in gaming system.

By January 10, 2014


Is XCOM 2 as difficult as its predecessor?

With XCOM 2, Firaxis hoped to continue the legacy of brutal, turn-based combat with an overarching strategy layer.

By January 6, 2016


AMC launches official 'Walking Dead' game for iOS

Build a camp, find survivors and, of course, kill zombies in this excellent tactical turn-based combat RPG.

By October 8, 2015


The tomb raider returns in Lara Croft Go

A turn-based Tomb Raider game? Sounds crazy, but the Hitman Go formula totally works for this winning Lara Croft adventure.

By August 28, 2015


EA combines Tetris with monster battles

A trailer has been released for Tetris Monsters, a new iOS game for the Japanese market that combines Tetris with turn-based monster battlin'.

By August 5, 2013


Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

Ace Patrol is a fun air combat game that will be loved by fans of turn-based strategy gaming, but will not appeal to everyone.

By May 14, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating May 14, 2013

'Men in Black 3' game: Let's hope the movie is this good

Gameloft's tie-in for Android and iOS isn't the one-note alien shooter you'd expect. Instead, it's a rich resource-management simulation with turn-based combat.

By May 23, 2012


App of the Day: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

The touch interface works almost perfectly for turn-based strategy, so it's with glee that we greet the arrival of Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS. We're just not so jiggy with the price.

By March 22, 2012


Best iPad game you've never tried: Crimson: Steam Pirates

Arrr, mateys! This here be some of the best turn-based sea combat yer iPad will ever see. And the first eight missions be free!

By September 26, 2011