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Slides, whales, and tunnels, oh my: A 'museum' like no other

Who can resist climbing a bus hanging off a building? CNET Road Trip 2013 visited the City Museum in St. Louis, and packed with secret tunnels and giant whales, it's unlike any other museum.

By Aug. 6, 2013


Episode 9: Mind control, wind tunnels, and robots

This week on Always On, get the director's cut of some of your favorite Future Tech segments--plus, outtakes galore!

By Sep. 24, 2012


The super cool tech behind wind tunnels

CNET's Molly Wood goes indoor skydiving at iFly's 12-foot-wide wind tunnel and gets a behind-the-scenes tech tour with the flight crew manager.

By Aug. 7, 2012


Photos: The wonderful Sun Tunnels

Located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake Desert, Earthwork artist Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels are worth driving hundreds of miles to see.

13 Images By Jul. 29, 2009


Photos: A whirlwind tour of wind tunnels

At NASA's Langley Research Center there's long been more than one way to test the aerodynamics of things that go zoom.

23 Images By Oct. 10, 2009


A quick taste of the tunnels under Vegas

There are inhabited storm drainage tunnels under Sin City

By Jul. 19, 2007


Deep inside the world's longest tunnel

Road Trip 2011: By building the Gotthard Tunnel, the Swiss government hopes to cut heavy truck traffic across the Swiss Alps in half, while doubling the efficiency and capacity of cargo trains between Zurich and Munich. It's also one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country's history.

By Jun. 7, 2011


Whale-watching from space totally works

Researchers enlist a satellite in the quest to take a count of endangered southern right whales. Eerie pictures result.

By Feb. 20, 2014


White House embarks on climate change mapping project

The government makes maps and data sets from NASA, NOAA, the US Geological Survey, and more available to the public, so that new tools can be created to help communities plan for extreme weather.

By Mar. 19, 2014