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Spotify signs deal with Tunecore: Stream your band to your fans

A deal between Spotify and Tunecore means you could soon add your own music to the popular streaming service without the small matter of a record deal

By June 28, 2010


TuneCore ties up with world's largest record label

A new deal between TuneCore and Universal Music Group Distribution could spell more opportunity for independent musicians.

By July 9, 2009


Music distributor TuneCore gets $7 million

The start-up, which publishes music automatically to outlets like eMusic and iTunes for a nominal fee, has pulled in funding from Opus Capital.

By October 26, 2008


iLike, TuneCore make indie music together

Independent artists who distribute their music through TuneCore can now get a cut of the ad revenue when it's streamed on iLike, per a new agreement.

By October 20, 2008


MP3 Insider 117: An interview with TuneCore's Jeff Price

In this bonus episode of the MP3 Insider, Donald interview's TuneCore's founder Jeff Price about the state of online music distribution.

By October 3, 2008


TuneCore vs. CD Baby for digital distribution

Public Enemy will release its next album via TuneCore, a digital distributor. If you're an independent musician and expect to sell a lot of tracks online, TuneCore could offer you a better deal than standby CD Baby.

By July 3, 2007


Which digital-distribution service is cheapest?

RouteNote, an up-and-coming competitor for digital distribution for artists, does the math on its blog and acknowledges that it won't always win. A refreshing change.

By February 26, 2009


RouteNote: A cheap way to get your tunes on iTunes

CDBaby and Tunecore are well-established ways for independent musicians to get their songs placed on iTunes and other music stores, but RouteNote's cheaper.

By February 20, 2009


Does the Internet help aspiring rock stars?

Tommy Silverman, founder of Tommy Boy Records, says not really. Jeff Price, CEO of TuneCore, says he's using the wrong metrics. Who's right?

By January 22, 2010


UK gang arrested for buying own music from iTunes with stolen credit cards

Seven men and three women have been arrested in the UK for allegedly using hundreds of stolen credit cards to download almost £500,000 worth of their own music from iTunes and Amazon

By June 11, 2009