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Judge: We can't have kids suing parents for an iPhone or Xbox

In a New Jersey case in which a teen is suing her parents for tuition fees and other bills, the judge fears kids will try to sue their parents to get gadgets.

By March 5, 2014


Free lessons from a pro wedding photographer

One of Australia's most awarded wedding photographers, Marcus Bell, will teach the tricks of the trade to aspiring shooters. Best of all, it's free.

By December 13, 2012


Sprint, Best Buy give students a free year of talk, text, and data

If you sign up for a new Sprint line at Best Buy, you can score one year of talk, text, and data. The catch is, you must be a student.

By November 18, 2013


Uh-oh, this 3D-printed metal handgun actually works

While firing a round with earlier plastic models of 3D-printed guns has proven difficult, this metal model has already shot 50 rounds successfully.

By November 7, 2013


Udacity, San Jose State University offer online classes for credit

In June 2012, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown called Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun asking for help. The result? San Jose State Plus, online courses for academic credit.

By January 29, 2013


Amazon is helping employees get another, unrelated job

The retail giant launches an employment incentive program that pays for employee career training in certain high-demand but unrelated fields like nursing or aircraft mechanics.

By July 23, 2012


Penny Arcade Kickstarter divides the internet

Popular webcomic Penny Arcade has launched a Kickstarter campaign — so that the site can be run without ads.

By July 11, 2012


Students for security

The Department of Homeland Security awards 105 college students scholarships.

By November 15, 2004


Survey: Best buys in online business colleges

Survey, which ranked schools on affordability, finds that online students can pay as little as $11,880 or as much as $103,500 for a bachelor's degree in business.

By July 16, 2009


Sales pinch? 6 Apple stores for all of China

Apple has a remarkably meager store-to-customer ratio -- 216M citizens per store -- that could curb the technology giant's growth if it doesn't ramp up its mainland expansion.

By July 5, 2012