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tubes vs. transistors


Why does 100-year-old tube technology still turn audiophiles on?

Audiophiles love affair with tube amps -- still crazy after all these years?

By April 5, 2014


Tube amplifiers aren't just for audiophiles

Electric guitarists' love affair with tube amplifiers dates back to the birth of rock music.

By April 2, 2014


What sounds better, tube or solid-state electronics?

Solid-state technology all but obliterated the vacuum tube market in the early 1960s. So why are tubes still popular with audiophiles and musicians?

By December 26, 2010


HP's top challenge vs. rivals: Continuity

Continuity wouldn't be such a big deal for Hewlett-Packard if it didn't have to compete with IBM and Oracle daily.

By September 23, 2011


LED vs. LCD: which is better?

Samsung seemingly came out of nowhere with its "LED TV" range. Yet, despite the name, the technology is more familiar than you'd think.

By July 5, 2011


Plasma vs. LCD: which is right for you?

Which type of flat panel display, plasma or LCD, is right for you? And which will give you more bang for your buck?

By June 14, 2011


Jolida JD301RC: A sweet-sounding $425 audiophile tube amplifier

Audiophile tube amplifiers can sell for as much as a nice car, but the Jolida JD301RC goes for less than an iPad 2.

By May 21, 2011


The transistor turns 60

Bell Labs scientists cracked a technical problem 60 years ago, and online-dating services are the result.

By December 5, 2007


Listening to music in a vacuum--or why some audiophiles love the sound of tube amplifiers

The Audiophiliac checks out the magical sound of flea powered vacuum tube amplifiers.

By January 3, 2008


Moore's Law vs. the cloud

There's still a lot of work needed to figure out what clients should look like in a cloud computing world.

By July 21, 2009