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Create and share music playlist off of YouTube.

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Stream and share YouTube music videos with Tubalr

Web app Tubalr lets you quickly and easily mine YouTube for music videos. Register with the site and you can also create custom, sharable playlists.

By November 30, 2012


Listen to YouTube tunes on your iPhone with Tuner

Tuner for YouTube Music lets you play the audio from YouTube videos and create and edit playlists. Get the app now while it's free.

By March 14, 2014


Waste less time on YouTube with Clea.nr Videos

Avoid going down the YouTube vortex by installing the Clea.nr Videos for YouTube browser extension, which strips out almost everything on the page but the video player itself.

By May 13, 2013


Play podcasts and save them to the cloud with Podcast Gallery

Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox makes Podcast Gallery a versatile Web app for listening to and managing your podcasts.

By April 9, 2013


Hype Machine Time Machine shares most popular tracks since 2007

Easily discover music that was popular on blogs across the Web in the last five years with Hype Machine's Time Machine service.

By March 4, 2013


Easily stream radio and podcasts with UberTalk

On the Web or from your iPhone or Android device, UberTalk gives you one-click access to thousands of radio shows and podcasts.

By February 8, 2013


Meet like-minded music fans with Moosify

This free app for Spotify, iPhone, or Android connects you to others with similar music tastes.

By February 6, 2013


Shoot and share videos with YouTube Capture for iOS

Google's new YouTube Capture app for the iPhone lets you share videos quickly and easily.

By December 18, 2012


How to create a playlist with YouTube's iPad app

Learn how to add and remove videos to and from your playlists using the new YouTube app.

By December 11, 2012