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Time Attack Racing: Following the Underdog

We speak to Suzuki-Under who builds and races some seriously fast cars. He is trying to break his recored at Tsukuba, we tag along for the ride

August 28, 2013


Prototype laser setup lets users 'feel' remote objects

A team of researchers from Japan's University of Tsukuba demonstrates what they can do with haptics by letting users "feel" a remote object.

By December 21, 2009


Robotic tiles follow your every step

University of Tsukuba professor Hiroo Iwata has created intelligent robotic "stepping stones" that predict where users will walk by using a conductive textile.

By September 30, 2009


Virtual reality treadmill: Run with a view

University of Tsukuba in Japan is adding a 270-degree wraparound projection screen to the treadmill for an added sense of realism.

By July 30, 2008


Hitachi's Ropits mobility robot drives itself

The Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System is a single-person autonomous vehicle meant to travel on sidewalks. Just punch in your destination and it takes you there.

By March 12, 2013


Cyborg glasses let you fake a good mood

Why bother with Google Glass, when AgencyGlass lets you convey emotions through digital eyes? Hirotaka Osawa wants to help people look happy even when they're not.

By April 18, 2014


Time Attack is addictive

The thrill of the race is one thing, but what about proving that you're the fastest in the world?

By September 3, 2013


Uni project gives access to free anonymous VPNs

A Japanese university experiment has opened up dozens of free VPN services around the world.

By March 25, 2013


Search results become 3D-printed objects for blind users

Want a giraffe? At a school for the blind in Japan, kids' online search results become real-world objects.

By September 20, 2013


Electronic girlfriend coat hugs you, talks nice to you

A group of Japanese students create a girlfriend-substitute coat that holds you and whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

By April 10, 2013