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Power steering shifts to electric

Power steering has undergone a fundamental change in the last 10 years, leading to better reliability, and some criticism.

By February 11, 2014


TRW develops retractable steering wheel for the elderly, very fat

TRW is working on a fully retractable steering wheel that gets out of your way every time you get in or out of your motor. That could be good news if you like a pie.

By July 4, 2011


TRW to make electric power-steering systems for Asian market

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. said it will start production of Electric Power Steering from its facilities in Anting, China.

By August 4, 2010


New safety systems scan all directions for crash potential

Automotive News reports on new advanced crash avoidance systems from TRW and Delphi.

By September 29, 2011


Next-generation steering wheel folds entirely away

A new design has the steering wheel folding and retracting into the dashboard to make it easier to get behind the wheel.

By June 30, 2011


Suppliers ready collision-avoidance systems for mass-market vehicles

Collision-avoidance systems that combine radar and a camera soon may be ready for mass-market vehicles.

By June 17, 2011


Safety tech likely to boost bottom lines

Automotive News reports on upcoming safety technologies from TRW.

By November 10, 2010


Ford picks TRW steering system

'Automotive News' reports on Ford's choice of a supplier for electronic power steering systems.

By December 10, 2008


Ex-Northrop Grumman CEO joins Apple board

Ronald Sugar will replace Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who stepped down as a director of the Apple board last year.

By November 17, 2010


World's most amazing subwoofer has no woofer

Subwoofer designers usually stuff a big woofer in a box, but Eminent Technology's TRW-17 sub doesn't have a woofer or a box.

By August 29, 2010