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IBM acquires Trusteer to form cybersecurity lab

The tech giant agrees to purchase security firm Trusteer with the formation of an Israeli cybersecurity software lab in mind.

By August 15, 2013


IBM's new services zero in on fraud, financial crime

The tech giant announces the creation of services to help corporations use big data in the battle against white-collar crime.

By March 20, 2014


Safe online banking requires a dedicated PC

The best way for organizations to secure financial transactions over the Internet is to set up a machine that they'll use only for interacting with their online bank accounts--and for absolutely no other purpose.

By August 8, 2011


Online banking hit by thieves

Criminals are using malware--the "OddJob" Trojan--to sneak into online banking sessions and steal money when customers think they've logged off.

By February 22, 2011


How to avoid growing number of Internet scams

Desperate job seekers, online classified advertisers, and would-be home workers are increasingly the victims of scammers--but anyone can fall prey to "smishing" text messages.

By January 10, 2011


Trusteer offers up malware search tool

Company has launched Attack Trace, which allows users to submit a Web address and determine whether the site is being hit by malicious software.

By December 3, 2008


Trusteer raises $6 million in VC funding

Web security firm that serves financial community gets $6 million from venture capital firm.

By October 22, 2008


Microsoft issues emergency patch for 10 IE holes

Security experts praise Microsoft for patching vulnerabilities now rather than waiting two weeks for the next Patch Tuesday, given the severity of the issues affecting Internet Explorer.

By March 30, 2010


Corporate bank accounts targeted in online fraud

Small and medium-size businesses, governments, and school districts are targets of online bank fraud involving malicious e-mails, key loggers, and money mules, FBI says.

By November 3, 2009


So, what happened to that funding freeze?

Here's one from the counterintuitive files, boys and girls. The economy is in an awful rut but some tech start-ups are still raising money. What gives?

By October 23, 2008