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Google Play Music goes free, partly

The subscription streaming service from the giant behind Android-powered devices is adding a free radio-like product to go with its $10-a-month plan.

By June 23, 2015


Instagram, Pinterest join the 'buy' button bonanza

The click-to-buy button spreads to more social networks. Meanwhile, Amazon offers free shipping for light items, and Disney creates a new type of tech toy with Playmation.

By June 3, 2015


Google looks for mobile search gains, misses estimates

The company is still making billions, but some analysts fear Google's cash cow -- desktop search -- is becoming outdated. Can the company kick its mobile search business into high-gear? Google says it already has.

By April 23, 2015


New ads on Google to boost mobile-app makers

Google's latest tweak to display ads will show you new app-download ads, as the company pushes advertisers to focus on mobile.

By April 22, 2014


YouTube brings skippable ads to mobile devices

As it negotiates a big shift to mobile, the Google unit says it is now serving up TrueView ads on smartphones and tablets. Viewers skip video ads after 5 seconds, and advertisers pay only when viewers let an ad play out.

By August 22, 2012


YouTube unveils option to skip past video ads

Site's new TrueView video ads will give YouTube users the option to skip past an ad after the first few seconds or choose which ads they want to see while watching certain videos.

By December 3, 2010