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Tropos Weather and forecasts for humans

Weather and forecasts for humans. Information you can act on.Most weather apps throw a lot of information at you but that doesn't answer the...


Tropos provides wireless communication for jet-powered race car

Tropos provides Wi-Fi-based wireless communication for the North American Eagle jet-powered car that's designed to break the land speed record and achieve land supersonic speed.

By July 7, 2009


Tropos joins 802.11n outdoor mesh router club

Tropos joins the group of companies that offer Wireless-N outdoor mesh networks, with three new routers.

By April 7, 2009


Citywide Wi-Fi equipment maker boosts speeds

Tropos Networks announces an upgrade to its product that will boost capacity 50 percent.

By August 16, 2006


Wi-Fi gear could put Motorola up against partner

Motorola introduces a citywide Wi-Fi product that will compete with one it resells from partner Tropos Networks.

By June 19, 2006


Avoiding half measures on Net Neutrality

Tropos Networks CEO Ron Sege says Congress should look to enhanced competition, not prescriptive regulation.

March 24, 2006


Broadband boondoggle in the making

Tropos Networks CEO Ronald Sege says a new Pennsylvania law will slow the launch of faster, less expensive wireless broadband.

January 4, 2005