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Troika: Smart, multifunctional identity card of the future?

The Troika card is a concept for a smarter Social Security card with a multifunctional screen that turns your identity card into a gadget.

By April 10, 2009


Forecast artsy for 'The Weather Yesterday' sculpture

Playful LED installation on display in London park muses on "weather as a predominant topic of discussion in British culture" by displaying conditions from the day before.

By July 18, 2012


HP Pavilion dv8000

In addition to a pleasing design, a good basic set of multimedia features, and solid performance, the HP Pavilion dv8000 has a competitive price that undercuts much of the competition.

October 31, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 31, 2005

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Screw post-PC, bring on post-mobile

Blah blah, phone. Give me a wall that talks.

By September 13, 2012


Samsung Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y weave Bada 2 magic

Samsung's Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y are a fresh batch of smart phones running the new Bada 2.0 operating system.

By August 30, 2011


HTC One V is free for just £13.50 a month

You don't have to be rich to get one up on your friends -- the HTC One V, that is, which is now available and very tastily priced too.

By April 12, 2012


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP1, FP2 and FP3: Slidey face and SDXC

Panasonic has been proudly showing off the sliding faces and SDXC card slots of the Lumix DMC-FP1, FP2 and FP3 digital cameras

By January 14, 2010


BlackBerry 9360 emerges with BlackBerry 7 software

The BlackBerry Curve 9350, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9370 have emerged blinking into the sunlight with new BlackBerry 7 software.

By August 23, 2011


Battling to keep Venice's floodwaters at bay

Road Trip 2011: The famous Italian city gets flooded up to five times a year, and a massive infrastructure project is under way to protect it against the rising tides, as well as to save its beaches and marine habitats.

By July 11, 2011


IBM says it knows how bad your commute will be

A new service created by IBM Research, UC Berkeley, and Caltrans is designed to offer commuters predictive models about what their drive to work will be like in an hour.

By April 12, 2011