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Yahoo7 launches Trixi's tricky mystery

An Australian-made interactive online drama featuring a foxy DJ called Trixi will hit the Web on Monday.

By August 23, 2006


VCs fund ex-Microsoft exec, About cuts a check

As those of you familiar with my autoresponder know, I read all my email--or at least what my faithful assistant Trixie Pixel deems appropriate.

August 18, 2000


Geeks blinded by science

I'm laid up today folks, prone in bed with a compress around my neck while I dictate the column to my faithful secretary, Trixie Pixel.

May 12, 1999


Victoria's Secret code

We get all kinds around here--all kinds of rumors, that is. Some tend to get personal, and none more so than this anonymous note regarding my personal secretary: "Hey DuBaud--Why don't you wake up and smell the turnover? Rumor has it that Trixie Pixel was seen on the arm of a scout for a hot online lingerie emporium. Maybe it's time to give your secretarial staff an extra month's salary, before all your talent gets raided!"

December 11, 1998


Heigh ho, heigh ho, another Disney exec will go

I was about to pop open a tin of anchovies to go with my afternoon Laphroaig the other day when my faithful secretary and biochemical lab analyst Trixie Pixel showed up for work in an unusual state of disarray.

July 23, 1998


Andreessen and Kawasaki: Two regular guys

The intercom on my desk buzzed and the Long Island lilt of my assistant Trixie Pixel assaulted me.

April 16, 1998


Rub a WWW, and make it Snappy

It's a long way to Halloween, but I'm already in the spirit of my favorite holiday as I cast a keen eye on the daily costume changes of my gum-snapping, beehive-wearing assistante Trixie Pixel.

October 6, 1997


Party of one: Aggghhhh!

Skinny DuBaud's long-suffering secretary Trixie Pixel gives the stiff the heave-ho, from 60 feet off the ground.

By November 18, 1996