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Trippy video tracks 'iPhone fireflies'

When iPhone users volunteer their location data, one result is a beautiful video that uses light to show where they've been.

By July 19, 2011


TripAdvisor app gets trippy with AR feature

New Live View feature offers reviews via uploaded photos showing what app users beheld while composing their review.

By April 14, 2011


Whoa. The full 'Social Network' trailer is trippy

And it sure doesn't make Mark Zuckerberg look good. The first full theatrical trailer for the Facebook creation story is full of backstabbing and Ivy League treachery.

By July 15, 2010


Musika: Trippy spelling game for your iPod

From NanaOn-Sha and Sony BMG Music Entertainment

By August 7, 2007


ICFF Field Report: Testing out the trippy Transport sleeping pod

A previous feature on Crave, the Transport pod is supremely awesome.

By May 21, 2007


Zen Stone TV ad: The music's just not trippy enough

Dissecting the commercial for Creative's new mini music player.

By May 14, 2007