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Trident Aegis 'encapsulates' iPod Touch 4G

Looking for a tough iPod Touch 4G case with some style? The Aegis by Trident is worth checking out.

By February 9, 2011


"The people have tweeted": the Trident Layers ad

A full-page ad in USA Today and in the New York Times marks the next chapter of the never-ending "the conversation is your brand" saga. Trident, the chewing gum maker, bought the placements, and instead of using them to promote its latest product.

By December 20, 2009


Top-trending music topics on Twitter to fuel new TV show

Called "Trending 10," the program will be on the music-oriented cable TV network Fuse and is being produced in partnership with Twitter and Trident gum.

By April 24, 2013


New $150K supercar runs on biofuel, gets 70 mpg

After some false starts, the Trident Iceni is set to launch in July.

By June 6, 2011


Have it all: Lunascape, the browser with three engines

Gecko, Trident, and Webkit all in one browser. Some might say Lunascape 5 does too much.

By November 24, 2008


Can these clothes cure your smartphone addiction?

Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga has come up with a radical new way to combat smartphone addiction, but you won't find it on store shelves anytime soon.

By May 12, 2014


2 engineers sentenced for espionage

Case goes back to 2001 when the men, who had worked at Sun Microsystems, Transmeta, NEC, and Trident, were trying to smuggle chip design documents out of the U.S. and into China.

By November 22, 2008


If 'Game of Thrones' took place in feudal Japan

An artist by the name of Seiji has taken iconic moments from "Game of Thrones" and reimagined them as ukiyo-e prints.

By February 5, 2014


'Chameleon Botnet' takes $6-million-a-month in ad money

The botnet has targeted at least 202 Web sites that serve 14 billion ad impressions. The botnet apparently accounted for 9 billion of them.

By March 20, 2013