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Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot (Sprint)

The Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot offers another very good option for those who need fast Internet connection on the go to share within a small group. Those traveling within Sprint's WiMax coverage would likely find it an excellent product.

By June 1, 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating June 1, 2012

MSRP: $249.99

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Sprint's Tri-Fi Hotspot will do LTE, WiMax, 3G on May 18

We got our first look at this three-way network hot spot at CES, but now Sprint's ready to launch.

By May 9, 2012


Sprint officially launches 4G LTE in 15 cities

Sprint has joined the 4G LTE party, but it has a long way to go in catching up with competitors Verizon and AT&T, which already have a big lead over the provider.

By July 16, 2012


Ultrabooks no longer ultra-pricey

Google takes the Project Glass camera for a spin, orangutans are communicating with iPads, and the prices are dropping for Ultrabooks.

By May 9, 2012


Carrier news dominates a quiet day 2 of CTIA

Now that phone manufacturers had their time in the sun during the first day of CTIA, it's time for the carriers to take the wheel.

By May 9, 2012