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My life with a treadmill desk -- e-mail and browsing at 2 mph

Can you really work and walk at the same time? Columnist Danny Sullivan had his doubts. But time with a treadmill desk has made him a convert.

By November 11, 2013


TrekDesk hits the market, exhausts our soles

TrekDesk, the height-adjustable workstation that attaches to a treadmill, joins a growing population of walk-while-you-work desks that beg the question: are we addicted to work?

By October 14, 2009


'TrekDesk': Another shackle to the workstation

This one is a desk that's fitted for existing treadmills.

By May 7, 2008


Treadmill desk for the ultimate multi-tasker

Just what we need: Multiple monitors to chain us to the desk.

By June 20, 2008


How to energize your gadgets (and yourself)

New manual charger from Japan uses pedal power.

By May 8, 2008