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Smarter Driver: The wonderful world of transmissions

Transmissions can be tricky, but CNET's Brian Cooley breaks them down and builds them up so you can understand the differences.

By May. 20, 2013


Biggest solar flare of the year knocks out radio transmissions

NASA on alert for more after-effects of geomagnetic storm to satellites and spacecraft.

By Apr. 11, 2013


Ford studies 7-, 8-speed transmissions

Automotive News reports on Ford's efforts to develop new transmissions.

By Apr. 20, 2011


2 new Hyundai transmissions boost mpg

Automotive News reports on new transmissions coming from Hyundai.

By Dec. 9, 2010


Keep your Gmail transmissions secure

Set Google's mail service to encrypt all connections to your in-box.

By Aug. 1, 2008


New Chevys offer fuel-saving, six-speed automatic transmissions

Three out of four Chevrolet cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers will be available with six-speed automatics, which offer customers up to 4 percent better fuel economy numbers.

By May. 7, 2010


CNET on Cars: The how and why of new BMW 4 Series (CNET On Cars, Episode 35)

The BMW 428i explained, why smaller cars can be more dangerous, and how to drive an automatic transmission. (No, seriously!)

By Feb. 14, 2014


Tech Car Buying Guide

Over the last decade, digital technology changed cars substantially. There are a host of new options and other vehicle components to consider when shopping for a new car these days.

By Aug. 30, 2013


Not every Subaru all-wheel-drive system is created equal

Though they all carry the same badge and moniker, there are actually quite a few different versions of Subaru's AWD system in use today.

By Feb. 19, 2014