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Your brain waves could reveal what you forgot (or lied about)

A study with implications for criminal investigations finds that looking at a particular brain wave could help recover buried or hidden information.

By September 24, 2014


Buzz Out Loud 1549: Bartz puts $10 million in the swear jar (Podcast)

On today's show, it's cloudy with a chance of downtime at Microsoft and Google both (I call it a "cloudage," geddit?). A new Facebook app is letting you dedicate your status updates to victims of 9/11, which we love. And Sprint is hoping to grab iPhone 5 customers with 1. the iPhone 5 and 2. unlimited data plans for iPhone 5. And the coolest pair of Nikes ever.

By September 9, 2011


Wine Balloon selflessly protects your wine

Wine lovers can prolong the life of their precious elixir with an inflatable rubber balloon and hand pump device called the Wine Balloon. It's another salvo in the war against oxidation.

By April 11, 2011


The 404 585: Where we're having a 4G with the HTC Evo (podcast)

Three's a crowd and four's a party, but what do you call five tech geeks and an HTC Evo in a frozen meat locker? We'll just call it a 4G (pronounced fourgie) until we come up with something better.

By May 20, 2010


Resident Evil 4: iPhone zombie-whompin'

How do you like your undead: Schlocky? Relentless? Axe-wielding? Then you'll want to check out this console classic, which brings much of the 2005 original to your iPhone.

By July 28, 2009


Samsung head cam: Good idea, needs improvement

A spy cam is something we all want, but it needs a few improvements.

By August 13, 2007


What's next for the bring-your-own-bag fad?

Bans on plastic bags are forcing shoppers to find other ways to carry goods and gadgets home.

By July 20, 2007


Why the iPhone scares the crap out of me

None of us look where we're going when we're talking on our cell phones. The iPhone, with its creative visual interface for Web browsing, ups the ante.

By July 4, 2007


How to swank up that box of Franzia

A way for you to make your boxed wine bring sexy back.

By June 18, 2007