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Kensington 72327 SlimBlade Trackball

Kensington resurrects a dying breed with the SlimBlade Trackball, but the potential of its unique shortcut buttons devolves into a mess of clumsy extra functions and awkward movements that restrict productivity.

By April 14, 2009

2.5 stars Editors' rating April 14, 2009

Adesso Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard

For $79.99, you're better off buying a cheaper wireless keyboard than the Adesso WKB-3100UB--one that uses encryption and has a longer battery life for your sofa Web-surfing and portable-typing needs.

By October 28, 2009

2 stars Editors' rating October 28, 2009

Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard with Optical Trackball

We'd make a few minor design tweaks to the Vidabox Premium Wireless Keyboard with Optical Trackball, but for basic couch-based typing and cursor navigation, this is the best solution we've seen. Home-theater PC owners should give this a look.

By November 29, 2007

4 stars Editors' rating November 29, 2007

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Logitech adds Unifying Receiver to the new Wireless Trackball M570

Logitech's latest Wireless Trackball M570 adds the Unifying Receiver that lets you connect it to a variety of devices from up to 30 feet away.

By September 15, 2010


BlackBerry Tour trackball issues--how widespread?

An investment research firm claims that up to 50 percent of buyers are returning the smartphone. But Sprint says the percentage isn't even close to that.

By September 17, 2009


Podcast: Kensington's trackball mouse the 'first of its kind'

It might not be the sexiest technology at CES, but Kensington is working to make everyday workhorses like keyboards and mice easier and more intuitive.

By January 12, 2009


Quick Tips: Colorize your BlackBerry trackball

Sick of staring at that regular white trackball? If you've got a BlackBerry pearl, you can add some life to the nub. Randall Bennett shows you how to colorize your BlackBerry Pearl's trackball.

June 27, 2008


Real live mouse navigates Quake 2

Scientists strap mouse to trackball-like contraption to study its neurons. The first virtual maze? Derived from a Quake 2 level.

By October 14, 2009


Samsung's tiny trackball mouse

It seems too small as it is, but now adds more functions than ever.

By January 25, 2008


Trackballs take to the road--but why?

We still don't get it.

By January 4, 2008