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My Passwords with TouchID

Are you having a tough time remembering all those passwords for websites and other sources that require login credentials.? Tired of carrying...


QuickNote - easiest dairy writing with TouchID

A SINGLE SCREEN app for note taking. Free to download and use.- Write notes of all types, from short lists to lengthy research.- Safely keep all...


Checking In - TouchID Check In App for Teens and Families

==For a Limited Time, Only $0.99/mo or $9.99/yr!==For parents and teens to quickly check in via TouchID.TouchID is required to use the app.Checking...


Proximity Lock : Unlock or lock your Mac with password with Proximity or TouchID

Unlocking or locking your Mac has never been so easy. With Proximity Lock your computer will always be safe and only you can unlock your Mac.You...


Safer - Password Manger & Secure Data Account con supporto TouchID

*****************************************************************Safer - Password Manger & Secure Data Account*************************************...


Hide Photo+Video Vault - Fingerprint, touchid, and password to lock, secure & protect your safe folder and keep private - FREE app & data keep.er

************** LOCK YOUR SECRET PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ************- Protect Both Videos and PhotosHide them with Fingerprint protection, which is the...

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Taiwan Semiconductor eyes Q2 for next-gen iPhone TouchID production

The company produces the TouchID fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S and has reportedly secured the contract for Apple's next handset.

By January 14, 2014