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Pre-iPhone Android envisioned with no touch-screen support

Confidential documents reveal that Android was designed with physical keyboards in mind.

By April 14, 2014


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Sprint eyeing alternative BB10 touch-screen phone

The carrier may have its heart set on another touch-screen BlackBerry.

By March 11, 2013


BlackBerry 10 London leaked photo shows touch-screen phone

As the device maker works on a revamped design, a photo and video leaked on the Web show a touch-screen smartphone with apps and a removable battery.

By September 3, 2012


BlackBerry 10 touch-screen phone could debut next year

A leaked RIM road map points to the debut of both a touch-screen and keyboard phone in 2013.

By July 3, 2012


BlackBerry's new all touch screen better than iPhone 4S?

A reputed specs leak reveals that RIM's new line has a higher-res display than the iPhone 4S, according to N4BB.com.

By June 25, 2012


TracFone's LG 800G: Prepaid touch-screen feature phone

With its 2.8-inch LCD touch-screen display, the LG 800G gives users an entry-level prepaid option.

By June 13, 2012


Nokia unveils trio of cheap touch-screen phones

Three new Web-centric feature phones will join Nokia's Asha line.

By June 6, 2012


DoCoMo Raku-Raku touch screen mimics real buttons

This senior-friendly Android 4.0 phone comes with buzzing virtual buttons and a dedicated call support center.

By July 28, 2012


Make touch-screen-friendly gloves

When it's chilly outside, using your phone or tablet with gloves on can be tricky. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to keep your fingers toasty while texting.

By December 9, 2011


Samsung Solstice II, a midrange touch-screen phone (full review)

We review the Samsung Solstice II, a touch-screen messaging phone for AT&T.

By November 18, 2010