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Tosy robots dance, draw better than you

Justin Bieber will join robotics company Tosy at CES 2012 on Wednesday, but we got a look at some of the company's other robots and they're pretty awesome.

By January 11, 2012


Tosy SketRobo, DiscoRobo robots (photos)

Vietnamese company Tosy Robotics is making waves by bringing Bieber fever to CES 2012, but it also has some pretty cool robots. Check out CNET's hands-on photos here.

10 Images By January 10, 2012


Justin Bieber to grace CES 2012 (Scream!)

The great, irreplaceable Canadian singer will be promoting TOSY, a Vietnamese robotics company. What sort of robot will he be promoting?

By January 8, 2012


CES 2012: Are the dancing girls really necessary?

TOSY, the robotics company that tomorrow presents Justin Bieber, is one of the first to present scantily clad dancing girls in its booth. Isn't this a little old?

By January 10, 2012