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10 old cables you should keep around (and 6 to toss)

It's easy to grow a collection of old wires and cables. But which ones should you toss and which are still useful? This gallery should help you decide.

17 Images By April 28, 2016


It's time to toss your paper owner's manuals

Why keep a file of printed manuals when you can quickly find them online?

By March 24, 2016


Court tosses Apple's $120 million patent win over Samsung

Three federal appeals judges rule that Samsung didn't infringe on Apple's patents after all.

By February 26, 2016


Verizon tosses in extra data for heavier users

A limited-time promotion sees Verizon giving its customers even more data for the money. But it's not available for all plans.

By February 16, 2016


Yes, you need to read your oven manual. Here's why.

Manufacturers have included a multitude of settings and advanced cooking technology in new ovens to make cooking easier. All these enhancements have made your oven manual required reading. Here are seven things you'll learn from your instruction guide.

By September 15, 2015


Think twice before you toss your oven manual (pictures)

It seems silly to have an instruction guide for such a basic kitchen appliance as the oven. But manufacturers have loaded newer oven models with a medley of upgrades that have made the oven manual required reading. Here are some things you'll learn if you hang on to your oven guide.

9 Images By September 15, 2015


Judge tosses out racketeering lawsuit against Uber

A federal judge dismisses complaints brought against Uber by Connecticut taxi companies -- but leaves open the possibility of future lawsuits.

By August 14, 2015


Woman tosses $200,000 Apple 1 computer into recycling

Technically Incorrect: A recycling center in Silicon Valley is amazed that someone would toss out a rare first-generation Apple computer. It is currently seeking the woman who did it.

By May 31, 2015


Hover Camera is a flying pint-sized personal cameraperson

Toss this compact camera drone in the air and it will autonomously capture you in 4K video.

By April 26, 2016


Uber asks US court to toss out alleged rape case from India

The car-hailing service says a US-based company cannot be sued in a "dispute involving an alleged wrong committed by one Indian citizen against another Indian citizen, in India."

By April 7, 2015