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Topeka unofficially rechristens itself 'Google'

The Kansas city is one of a handful in the running to be a test market for Google's fiber-optic broadband Internet. And it really, really, really wants to win.

By March 2, 2010


iPhone 5S to offer multiple screen sizes, analyst says

Apple's next iPhone will be available in two or three different screen sizes and launch in July, says an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets.

By April 9, 2013


Apple to offer low-cost iPhone in five different colors -- analyst

A less expensive iPhone could come in a choice of five colors and debut before the iPhone 5S, says Topeka Capital analyst Brian White.

By June 6, 2013


Analyst: Apple 60-inch iTV with iRing motion controller to launch in 2013

In the latest speculation about Apple's TV plans, Topeka Capital's Brian White is predicting an iTV package for this year that will revolutionize the TV viewing experience.

By April 3, 2013


AT&T boosts LTE market total to 359 locations

The company's LTE service is now available in Stockton, Calif., Topeka, Kan.; Laredo, Texas; and 10 other areas, while expanded coverage hits San Francisco, Milwaukee, and elsewhere.

By August 7, 2013


iPad Mini suffers from production woes, analyst says

Yet Apple will still be able to sell between 5 million and 7 million iPad Minis in the fourth quarter, argues Brian White of Topeka Capital.

By October 4, 2012


Apple looks to iPad Mini, iPhone 5 to deliver 'exciting' September?

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White has apparently based his predictions on discussions he's had with "local contacts" in Apple's supply chain in Taipei.

By June 4, 2012


Is he nuts? Analyst says Apple to bust $1,000 a share

You want optimism? Consider one Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, who became the first analyst to slap a $1,000 target on Apple.

By April 2, 2012


We have an iPad and that's no April Fools' joke

This is not an April Fools' joke: We have the iPad, two days before launch. Plus, eBay rolls out a new fashion site, and Google changes its name to Topeka for a day.

By April 2, 2010


Lower-priced iPhone could cost as much as $400, analyst says

Another analyst report adds to the rumors that Apple will release a lower-priced, plastic smartphone in July. It also projects a $350 to $400 price point for the handset.

By April 12, 2013