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App-maker Tomfoolery next on Yahoo's acquisition list -- report

The Web giant will pay $16 million for Tomfoolery, according to a new report.

By January 28, 2014


Tech tomfoolery: April Fool's Day on the Web

It's 1 April, and coincidentally there's been loads of amazing tech news -- so much we've had to round up the best stories of the day. From Twitter to takeovers, it's been a busy morning

By April 1, 2009


Sony Walkman NWZ-W252, NWZ-A845 and NWZ-B150: Gym bunny, iPlayer lounge lizard

The new Sony Walkman NWZ-W252, NWZ-A845 and NWZ-B150 series offer waterproof fun, iPlayer high-jinks and all manner of musical tomfoolery

By April 16, 2010


Open Sources Episode 8 -- obey your Puppet master

In this episode of Open Sources we talk with Luke Kanies, founder of the open source Puppet project. There is some good insight amongst our standard tomfoolery.

By March 13, 2009


YouTube to block UK users from official music videos in hair-pulling rights spat

YouTube and the UK Performing Rights Society have got into a spat over music video licensing that could see UK users blocked from watching their favourite artists, in some all-round lose-lose tomfoolery

By March 10, 2009


Crave Podcast 23: Linux on trial

In this week's podcast, we put Linux in the dock -- is it time for it to die? Plus there's all the latest news from the tech world and the usual gadget tomfoolery

By February 23, 2007


Use your iPhone to make anything levitate

With this simple iPhone app, you can impress friends and family by appearing to levitate in photos.

By June 11, 2013


Asus Transformer Prime bootloader unlock now available

Asus has released the bootloader unlock for its Transformer Prime tablet, letting Android nuts tinker with their tablets.

By February 23, 2012


Open Season Episode 15 - Open Source and Cloud Computing

Episode 15 of Open Season talks about the need for Java in Cloud Computing and ponders why open source remains interesting.

By April 12, 2008


Yes, Virginia, activation != sales

Apple's iPhone sales figure significantly higher than AT&T's activations.

By July 25, 2007