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How Skype monitors and censors its Chinese users

One U.S. researcher has deconstructed a constantly updated file in the China-only version of Skype that contains a list of more than 1,100 words used to censor and monitor its users.

By March 8, 2013


Could Skype, other VoIP get blocked in China?

Beijing says it will crack down on VoIP services, and while officials have yet to name which services will be hit, rumors continue to spread that Skype is one of them.

By January 5, 2011


Report: Skype service in China recording, censoring messages

Researchers at University of Toronto say they've uncovered "targeted surveillance" of TOM-Skype users in China and that text chats are recorded and blocked if they contain certain words.

By October 1, 2008


Skype's Chinese version left the surveillance door wide open

Security researchers recently found that IM conversations on the Chinese Skype program were not only filtered, but also recorded on a massive, nonsecure, server.

By October 6, 2008


Skype: We didn't know about security issues

The company's president says he knew its Chinese partner filtered messages, but he was unaware that it was storing personal information in an insecure way.

By October 3, 2008