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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 joins Tocco Lite in 10 million club

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has sold 10 million, like its illustrious predecessors including the S4, S3, S2, and the Tocco Lite.

By December 10, 2013


Join CNET Wednesday for Galaxy Note 4 live blog

"Critically important" Unpacked event is expected to feature a new Galaxy Note and more on Samsung's 3G smartwatch alongside other products. We'll be live streaming from Berlin.

By September 3, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 joins 10 million club

In only 60 days, 10 million customers swipe up the phablet.

By December 10, 2013


Samsung Tocco Lite 2 budget blower hits the UK in March

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 will be hitting the UK in early March, sporting a 3-inch screen, but no 3G.

By February 7, 2012


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite rumoured with worse screen

Samsung's next-gen enormophone, the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, could come in a cheaper, lower-specced 'Lite' version, according to a new industry rumour.

By August 30, 2013


Viber VoIP app hits 100 million users, new platforms coming

Viber, the VoIP application, has reached the 100 million user milestone, with new budget platform versions on the way.

By September 12, 2012


Samsung Wave 578 is an Orange NFC phone

Orange wants you to pay for stuff using your phone with the Samsung Wave 578, but it only works with Barclays accounts.

By September 23, 2011


Mobile phone buying guide

Considering buying a new mobile? Our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision.

By September 21, 2011


iZettle iPhone credit card reader pays your bills with your phone

Cash: it's a pain, isn't it? iZettle is a new payment looking to end coin-related nightmares by bringing together your credit card and your phone for instant on the go payments.

By May 25, 2011


Orange launches Quick Tap contactless phone-payments service

Orange customers with a Quick Tap-compatible phone can now pay for goods at some 50,000 UK stores by simply tapping their handset on a payment reader.

By May 20, 2011