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Sex doll tech moves to the dentist's chair

Showa Hanako, a robotic dental patient created to help train dental students, gets more realistic, thanks to silicone parts from a Japanese sex doll maker.

By July 1, 2011


Enryu rescue robot gets Fukushima mission

A rescue robot called Enryu is being deployed to the Fukushima nuclear plant. It will be the first Japanese robot to help move rubble.

By April 23, 2011


Dentistry simulation android is all smiles

Japanese universities recently unveiled a dentistry simulator robot called Hanako. The android patient responds to dentistry students by talking, sneezing, or even gagging.

By March 30, 2010


This robot babysits your kids while you shop

Why spend money on a babysitter when a inanimate object will do the job?

By March 26, 2008