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The No Glasses 3D Tablet does what it says on the tin

A glasses-free 3D tablet has gone on sale from a US retailer, and it's shipping to the UK now.

By Dec. 7, 2013


IP tin can phone slightly better than string version

Plug this Kickstarter project into your USB port and chat it up old-timey style. You can even bring it into your secret base!

By Apr. 27, 2012


Low-tech posters use tin can and string to promote band

U.K. band Dry the River is using the oldest telephone in the world--a tin can and string--to promote its first album.

By Feb. 23, 2012


BOL 1066: Tin Foil Phones

We finally get to the bottom of why Apple rejected the Google Voice App, how not to get caught for being a thief over Facebook, and we have plenty of sympathy for Palm. Also, Rafe hates libraries and culture.

By Sep. 18, 2009


Android app Unlock With WiFi does exactly what it says on the tin

A new beta app for Android automatically unlocks your smart phone when within range of your home Wi-Fi network, while also remembering to turn off Wi-Fi when you leave home.

By Mar. 31, 2011


Photos: The centennial of Tin Lizzy

It was 100 years ago this week that Ford built the first Model T for sale and helped bring the world fully into the automotive age.

By Sep. 29, 2008


Tin cans updated, with graffiti

Boost Mobile collaborates with urban artists to make speakers.

By Oct. 30, 2007


Philips Net TV: Does what it says on the tin

Philips Net TV: guess what it does. Go on, guess. No, silly, it doesn't use your TV to catch fish! It lets you look at the Internet on the TV. Coo!

By Feb. 20, 2009


Whimsical tin iPod cases have artsy appeal

Tinbots represent a fanciful new addition to the already wide lineup of iPod cases.

By Feb. 22, 2008