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Fake Science: Fun with false factoids

"Top zoologists concede that the penguin would be more widespread if it guarded its eggs instead of its bow tie," reports Fake Science, a repository of old science illustrations with new captions.

By March 6, 2012


The 404 677: Where Aunt Jill teaches us a lesson (podcast)

Financial Decoder Jill Schlesinger fills in for Jeff Bakalar on today's show and gives out valuable financial advice and teaches us an important lesson on Internet privacy.

By September 30, 2010


Mars500 project gears up for the long haul

This summer, European Space Agency will lock six "crew members" in close quarters to role-play as if actually en route to the Red Planet. For 520 days.

By March 25, 2010


Woz urges engineers to follow their hearts

Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder, recalls his early days fulfilling his engineering dream by working for Hewlett-Packard while designing Apple computers.

By August 21, 2008


NBC's Olympics: Separating half-baked from half-faked

NBC has been dealing with numerous criticisms on its coverage. However, the technological fakery is less powerful than the scheduling manipulation.

By August 11, 2008


Google's right, but cloud computing's timeline isn't so clear

No doubt cloud computing is going to be the future, but as the last couple of days demonstrated, there's still a lot of remaining spadework.

By June 10, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 696: So Say We All

Happy frakkin' Friday! BSG is back, we're recording in a studio other than our own, and Madonna sleeps with her BlackBerry. Ew.

By April 4, 2008


Can Barry Diller tame the sprawl?

His plan to split IAC into five parts is the media industry's equivalent of buying a wedding dress and hoping to slim down to fit into it.

By February 6, 2008