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Tim O'Reilly wants Web 2.0 for grown-up problems

Web 2.0 came to be about silly consumer urges. Tim O'Reilly wants it to grow up.

By July 7, 2008


Dredging memories: Tim O'Reilly on the "Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors"

Open source makes customers the most important part of a software decision.

By November 28, 2007


China calls Apple's iPhone a national security threat

Chinese media point to the iPhone's Frequent Locations, a feature in iOS 7 that provides location-aware information.

By July 11, 2014


​How to find the positive in negative comments

The key to benefiting from online criticism is to ignore the trolls, acknowledge legitimate gripes, and realize the value of opposing viewpoints.

By April 30, 2014


O'Reilly makes Foo Camp a startup land

Tim O'Reilly is creating a startup camp to help coach entrepreneurs. But why not take it one step further and align technology founders with the businesspeople who can turn their ideas into cash?

By May 21, 2008


Tim O'Reilly and I at Ubuntu Live: Be different

Tim and I gave back-to-back keynote speeches at this year's Ubuntu Live. Tim is not nearly as dogmatic as I am, and here's how we came out....

By July 23, 2007


Tim O'Reilly argues that reciprocity for SaaS would have killed GPL, but would it kill the web?

Tim O'Reilly believes that reciprocity requirements in GPLv3 would have killed GPLv3's chances of adoption. Even if he's right, should open source coddle the web?

By July 12, 2007


O'Reilly invites Twitter questions at Web 2.0, doesn't ask them

The conference and magazine innovator offered to incorporate the backchannel in a way that could change how such confabs become interactive, but then doesn't follow up.

By April 25, 2008


Future of 3D printing is bright, says SXSW panel

During a panel at South by Southwest, several experts in the field discussed what 3D printing means for the future of production and agreed that there's huge potential.

By March 12, 2013


Twitter hack may have targeted elected officials, journalists

Accounts linked to influential media outlets, as well as to key members of the federal government, are among accounts likely hacked last week, according to an analysis.

By February 4, 2013