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TV viewing to be plagued by a rising tide of snipes and bugs

As the new fall TV season kicks off, TV screens will be more cluttered than ever with on-screen graphics and ads, according to 'The New York Times.'

By September 25, 2007


Buzz Out Loud 901: Gigabyte in your nose

Our resident nasal storage expert Rafe Needleman is on the show to explain some quantum physics to you. Rafe also schools me in why latency doesn't matter to bandwidth but he still won't admit that he need 60 Gbps. And we realize that the only way to save

By January 30, 2009


Amid recession, developer finds hope in App Store

Dennis Hescox has been around the games industry for years. Now, as the economy founders, he is trying to turn to iPhone games as a way to make a living. The challenges are huge.

By December 9, 2008


Wave and tidal power looks for its footing

The ocean has great potential as a renewable energy source, but the industry struggles with technical challenges, harsh environments, and environmental permitting.

By October 13, 2008


Time and tide deconstructed

Lifetimer clock tracks time between life events

By February 6, 2007


Move your body, charge your phone

Dance Charge uses the kinetic energy generated by your body in motion to juice up your phone.

By June 27, 2008


Investor put up $2.6 million to tinker with tidal power in U.S.

The only bad thing about tidal power is that it's largely experimental at the moment. But that could change.

By April 16, 2008


Rising tide of laptop battery recalls

Rising tide of laptop battery recalls

By August 15, 2006


Gadgettes 73: The What We Got (and secretly wanted) for Christmas Episode

Not satisfied with your Christmas loot this year? Neither are we. So take notes people! Add these items to your wish list for next year.

By January 4, 2008