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Sony's SmartWatch 2: A better high-tech ticker (pictures)

At $199 the new Sony SmartWatch 2 pushes e-mails, texts, calls, and other critical phone info straight to your wrist.

11 Images By November 12, 2013


Penny stock Tweeter's ticker symbol changed after Twitter mixup

In the wake of Twitter's IPO filing, investors bid the defunct Tweeter Home Electronics Group's stock up 1,800 percent after seeming to mistake its symbol (TWTRQ) for that of Twitter's (TWTR).

By October 8, 2013


Ticker tape tweets let you hashtag like it's 1867

Charmingly nostalgic homemade Twittertape Machine prints out tweets instead of stock prices. Alexander Graham Bell totally would have tweeted to Watson on this thing.

By August 26, 2013


Twitter introduces ticker symbol 'cashtags' for finance searches

Building on hashtags, the social network expands search capabilities by adding in clickable stock-ticker symbols like $AAPL, $GOOG, and $FB.

By July 31, 2012


Snackr: RSS headline news ticker for your desktop

Add a nice little news ticker to your desktop for all your RSS feeds with Snackr.

By July 8, 2012


Stick a news ticker on OS X's desktop

Stay up to date on the news of the world with Retickr. On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how this app can bring the headlines right to your desktop.

March 8, 2012


How to hide the Facebook Ticker (without a browser extension)

Facebook finally added an easy way to hide the Ticker, if you know where to look.

By February 1, 2012


Turn off Facebook ticker in Chrome

If you hate the Facebook News Ticker that came with the new interface, never fear; Facebook Ticker Killer is here! Veronica shows you how to get rid of that annoying column on today's Tekzilla Daily.

October 20, 2011


How to hide the Facebook ticker

Facebook added a sidebar ticker to the right of the newly redesigned News Feed. Learn how to remove it in Chrome and Firefox.

By September 21, 2011