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Jeb Bush reveals extreme Apple fanboyism

Technically Incorrect: The Republican presidential candidate would even prefer an Apple Watch over apple pie. Can America cope with such heresy?

By July 16, 2015


Getting started with Inbox by Gmail

​Google just released a new way to keep your email organized so you can spend more time being productive. Read on to learn how to use all the new features of Inbox by Gmail.

By October 23, 2014


12-year-old builds low-cost Lego braille printer

A seventh grader's science fair project turns into a quest to develop a customizable low-cost printer for the blind.

By February 14, 2014


Web-clipping service Clipboard debuts new look

The click-and-save service for Web sites changes its look, letting users group items in tiles rather than in a sequential list, in order to help them navigate their snips more easily.

By November 16, 2011


How to get Windows Phone 7 launcher tiles on Android

A new launcher can make your Android feel like a brand-new phone, especially if you're using one that is styled after a different mobile OS.

By September 26, 2011


Reading Google Books offline on Galaxy Tab 10.1

If you want to read while you're traveling (or when you turn off your data connection to save battery), you'll need to download the material to your device. Follow these five quick steps to find out how.

By August 15, 2011


Microsoft's Seadragon goes social with Zoom.it

Microsoft's Live Labs team's new service lets users upload and share images or entire sites using Seadragon tech, which it acquired in early 2006.

By August 5, 2010


10 early stage start-ups from Vator.tv's Juice Pitcher

We round up 10 hot new start-ups pitching their wares at Vator.tv's Juice Pitcher event.

By October 6, 2009


Microsoft scales back its Live Labs effort

The group is being "restructured," with half the folks being sent to Microsoft's product teams. Gary Flake, hired away from Yahoo three years ago, will remain head.

By April 9, 2009


Microsoft goes after Apple online too

In an ad on major news Web sites (for now, those of the Times and the Journal), Microsoft tries to hammer home Windows PCs' price advantage over Macs.

By March 27, 2009