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How to put Xbox One thumbsticks in your PS4 controller

Create the ultimate controller by installing replacement Xbox One thumbsticks on a Dualshock 4. Taking apart your controller has the potential to damage it, and may void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

By October 30, 2015


Goodbye thumbsticks: Valve unveils Steam Controller with PC-like trackpads

Valve reveals its very own controller -- with two circular trackpads -- joining the company's new operating system and custom hardware prototypes announced earlier this week.

By September 27, 2013


Nintendo confirms right thumbstick coming to 3DS

Company tells CNET that a right thumbstick add-on will be released, though details about the attachment itself are currently undisclosed.

By September 8, 2011


Image emerges of Nintendo 3DS right thumbstick

The addition is reportedly shown off in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

By September 7, 2011


Nintendo planning a right thumbstick for the 3DS?

The game company might also try to boost its ailing portable business by offering a new device next year.

By August 23, 2011


Nintendo 3DS XL to pop out August 19 for $199.99

The new game device will come with a 4.88-inch display on top and a 4.18-inch screen on the bottom. Wait, what? It's bigger, but there's just one thumbstick?

By June 22, 2012


Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro launching Feb. 7 for $20

The device adds a right thumbstick to the 3DS portable in order to extend what developers can do with their games.

By December 14, 2011


Leaked pics of purported Nintendo 3DS hit Web

Several images reporting to feature the Nintendo 3DS have been leaked onto the Web. The device features a black finish and includes a thumbstick.

By January 3, 2011


New 16GB 'PSP Go' revealed early

Ahead of E3, leaked video reveals Sony executive touting Mylo-style sliding screen handheld--with no second thumbstick--and built-in flash memory.

By May 30, 2009


Motorola M500 Digital Audio Player (5GB)

We can live with the 5GB M500's color scheme, but the impotent Thumbstick we can do without.

By March 1, 2005

3 stars Editors' rating March 1, 2005

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