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Saints Row-maker THQ goes bankrupt, sells upcoming games

The gaming giant has filed for bankruptcy with a range of anticipated games still in development.

By Dec. 20, 2012


Name your own price for a THQ game bundle (PC)

Anything over a buck nets you titles like Company of Heroes, Red Faction: Armageddon, and, if you beat the average, Saints Row: The Third. Best bundle to date?

By Nov. 30, 2012


THQ: Games should be priced at $40

Although $60 has become the standard price for Xbox and PS3 games, THQ's president says $40 titles will attract more customers and eventually help publishers make more money.

By Nov. 12, 2010


CNET desktop test methodology update

We've updated details on CNET's desktop benchmarking procedures.

By May. 26, 2011


A doodling tablet coming to the Wii

Game developer THQ unveils a 4-by-6-inch pad that lets you draw and color images that show up on your TV screen. A Pictionary game will be sold separately.

By Aug. 17, 2010


New Xbox this time next year?

Microsoft could be readying the next Xbox for this time next year, 3D printing comes to Staples, and we say goodbye to Nintendo Power.

By Nov. 30, 2012


San Franciscans angry over video game balloon stunt

A video game promotion sends hundreds of balloons into the sky over the Game Developers Conference. But some people are outraged when many of the balloons land in the Bay.

By Mar. 2, 2011


New York A.G. removes 2,100 sex offenders from online games

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says registered sex offenders have been removed from games from Gaia Online, NCSoft, and THQ, among others.

By Dec. 19, 2012


Fete for Saint's Row: The Third (but where's the game?)

THQ threw a Saint's Row: The Third media event in Hollywood last week and managed to reveal practically nothing about the game except that it'll feature women in cocktail dresses.

By Oct. 20, 2011


Microsoft sued over Kinect for patent infringement

An Ohio company accuses the software giant and several game makers of violating its patents related to tracking and assessing movement in multidimensional space.

By Jul. 22, 2011