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Thousands sign satirical petition to allow guns at Republican Convention

Technically Incorrect: An online petition on Change.org claims that constitutional rights are being denied to those who want to bring a gun to the fight for the Republican Party's future. Except the petition is surely humorous.

By March 27, 2016


Lifx Color 1000

This flat-topped smart bulb is the most well-rounded color-changer money can buy -- and a superior option to Philips Hue.

By December 23, 2015

4 stars Editors' rating December 23, 2015

MacBook storage could run 1000 times faster with new Intel tech (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Ep. 29)

Apple's March 21st event looks meh, there's rumors of an 5.8 inch OLED iPhone and you don't need to close apps running in the background of your iPhone.

By March 11, 2016


Uber rejects accusation of thousands of sexual assaults

Leaked screenshots published by Buzzfeed appear to show thousands of customer complaints about sexual assaults, but the ride-sharing company says this doesn't match the real data.

By March 7, 2016


This glass can bend tens of thousands of times without breaking

Schott's Ultra-Thin Glass is thinner than a human hair, and you can watch us bend it in this CNET video.

By February 17, 2016


Take a look at the Lifx Color 1000 smart bulb (pictures)

The second-gen smart bulb from Lifx is a brighter, more efficient color-changer.

12 Images By December 23, 2015


Lifx Color 1000 is the best color-changing smart bulb out there

With better colors, better brightness, better efficiency, and a better app, the Lifx Color 1000 is, well, better than Philips Hue.

By December 23, 2015


Thousands of 100-year-old wax cylinder recordings available to stream

The University of California, Santa Barbara has made thousands of wax cylinder recordings recorded at the turn of the 20th century available to stream or download.

By November 9, 2015


Project Apollo Archive posts thousands of Apollo space mission photos online

Each Apollo astronaut was equipped with a specially modified Hasselblad camera, resulting in thousands of iconic space images that are now collated in one place.

By October 5, 2015


​New Apple TV shuns thousands of Web-powered apps

Apple has excised some browser technology from its tvOS, meaning a great many developers will have to retool games and other apps if they want a place in the new Apple TV App Store.

By September 11, 2015