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Syrian Electronic Army hijacks Thomson Reuters' Twitter feed

Pro-Assad hacking group apparently commandeers the financial information firm's Twitter account, sending out illustrations backing the Syrian president.

By July 29, 2013


Thomson DTI 6300-16: Top Up your television

Top Up TV offers a way of watching more Everybody Loves Raymond than is strictly healthy. This dual-tuner Freeview PVR downloads the best of it

By January 22, 2007


Reuters CEO: Microsoft, Yahoo need each other

Thomson Reuters chief executive Thomas Glocer said he'd be surprised if there wasn't yet a way to make a deal.

By May 28, 2008


BlackBerry maker launches mobile VC fund

Research In Motion, maker of the popular BlackBerry, joins forces with venture capitalists and Thomson Reuters to launch the $150 million fund focused on mobile apps and services.

By May 12, 2008


Lessons of SOA Excellence

Wondering how to do good SOA? Check out these 10 lessons learned as presented by Ian Koenig, Thomson Financial's senior vice president and chief architect.

By March 17, 2008


Thomson's Lyra X3000 Personal Multimedia Recorder features support for DirecTV2Go

Thomson's Lyra X3000 Personal Multimedia Recorder features support for DirecTV2Go

By January 4, 2006


Thomson Financial: Who needs human reporters?

Business news provider is breaking ground by turning to computers to write business stories. Thomson plans to expand PC's role as journalist.

By August 22, 2006


GE phones home

Thomson adds dual-mode Skype phones, Bluetooth-linked handsets, and a sexy superslim model to its line of GE-branded cordless phones.

By June 27, 2007


A Freeview PVR, with added stuff...

Today I've got a Top Up TV Anytime box on my desk. I'm excited about this for one main reason -- I've got the Thomson DHD4000 and I think it's a brilliant PVR

By January 17, 2007