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New Apple TV supports third-party game controllers

Apple says "serious" gamers will be able to use Apple-certified MFi game controllers with the new Apple TV.

By September 9, 2015


Game Developers Conference 2015

The San Francisco conference may well be the world's largest gathering of game developers, the place to keep an ear to the ground and to get business done.


Sony: PS4 third-party deals will continue in 2016

"The days of a platform holder working in isolation are long-gone."

By November 4, 2015


Third-party hardware maker reveals US$499 Steam Machine

US-based iBuyPower has unveiled two Steam Machine prototypes with console looks and a price to match.

By November 26, 2013


The next Angry Birds? Third-party game developers hope Rovio's backing gets them there

The creator of the hit game promises third-party developers marketing gold and plans to publish two new games, from outside game makers, under its name.

By May 14, 2013


The Digital Home Video: I'm still waiting on Wii third-party games

Don Reisinger says it's time for Nintendo to get more third-parties on-board with the Wii in his latest video.

By October 27, 2008


PlayStation exec says first-party game lineup was 'not as strong' in 2015

Long-serving PlayStation boss acknowledges reliance on third-party partnerships, looks forward to PlayStation VR and 2016 lineup.

By December 13, 2015


You decide: Does Nintendo or Microsoft sell more third-party games?

Microsoft claims it has sold more third-party units, while Nintendo claims it has. Who really has? You decide.

By August 12, 2008


The best fitness apps for Android and iPhone

These are the best apps to help get you in shape.

By January 30, 2016


Amazon Echo's Alexa suits up for Super Bowl 50

Amazon's first-ever Super Bowl ad is all about Alexa, and features Alec Baldwin and Hall of Fame Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino.

By January 27, 2016


The Digital Home Video: Is the Wii 'inhospitable' for third-parties?

Is the Wii 'inhospitable' for third-party games? That's what one analyst thinks, but Don Reisinger may or may not agree.

By September 17, 2008