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Twitter tells third-party developers to stop building clients

Twitter says such developers repeatedly violate its privacy policy and lead to an inconsistent user experience. In other words, goodbye.

By March 11, 2011



Boxie not only looks nice, but adds features the official Dropbox app doesn't offer, making it the one Dropbox app to use.

January 14, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating January 14, 2014

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Evernote gets built-in, third-party app directory

Web-based memory service unveils "The Trunk," a directory of third-party sites and a set of tools that can be integrated for added functionality.

By July 14, 2010


Twitter cuts the cord on third-party ad networks

Companies that post sponsored tweets in Twitter streams are now banned from its API, but, for those who care, Kim Kardashian is still allowed to charge $10,000 for a paid tweet.

By May 24, 2010


Mac OS X 10.4.1: Third-party applications

Mac OS X 10.4.1: Third-party applications

By June 6, 2005


Twitter officially axes TweetDeck for Android, iOS with new API

Announced a few months ago, the new app programming interface cuts off support for TweetDeck, as well as a handful of third-party Twitter clients.

By June 12, 2013


Twitter brings more media, music to Web client

Five new partnerships come to the Twitter.com site, so that music and video content (among other things) will pop up as a widget instead of opening up in new links.

By December 7, 2010


How to set up Mac Mail to use IMAP for Outlook.com

Microsoft just added IMAP support to Outlook.com e-mail, which allows you to keep your e-mail synchronized when using third-party clients. We'll show you how to set it up on Apple's Mail app.

By September 13, 2013


How thin is thin in clients?

Even if we're just using a PC for Internet access, it needs a lot more than just a browser.

By December 1, 2009


Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.3.1 update breaks screen sharing

Some people who have applied the recent Remote Desktop Client 3.3.1 update have had problems with screen sharing between their Macs, with the connection being established properly but resulting in a blank window and no way to view the remote Mac.

By August 28, 2009