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2X ThinClientServer for Windows

Configure and manage the thin clients and user's connection settings.

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Thin-client maker Wyse gets new CEO

Wyse Technology announced $35 million in funding and a new chief executive on Monday.

By April 12, 2005


Thin-client makers ride Linux bandwagon

Among those embracing the open-source operating system is a manufacturer that had previously rejected the penguin.

By August 5, 2004


Thin-client market to fatten up, IDC says

Although businesses have been cold to thin clients amid a PC-driven computing market, the research firm predicts better times ahead for this segment of the hardware industry.

September 17, 2003


Loss shrinks for thin-client firm Neoware

The manufacturer reports a net loss of 2 cents a share for the quarter ended June 30, down from 11 cents a share for the same quarter last year.

By September 1, 2000


Compaq beefs up thin-client offerings

Compaq, a late entrant into the so-called thin-client market, announces two new systems, including one that runs the Linux operating system.

October 4, 1999


HP to unveil new "thin-client" push

Although the idea has not caught on in a big way, Hewlett-Packard is touting its new Entria models, which expand the company's use of the upstart Linux operating system to a new area.

August 26, 1999


Thin-client servers to beta

Microsoft and Citrix Systems are set to release second betas of their much-anticipated server software for thin client computing.

March 10, 1998


Microsoft, Citrix ink thin-client deal

Microsoft will license Citrix's multiuser technology and the companies will cooperate on the development of Windows NT Server 4.0 and 5.0 generation servers.

By May 12, 1997


Short Take: NCD licenses thin-client protocol

Network Computing Devices licensed Citrix Systems' Independent Computing Architecture thin-client protocol. NCD's network computers will feature the protocol, which optimizes remote access to Windows and other applications over low-bandwidth network connections.

By April 9, 1997


NCD unveils thin-client PC software

Away with clunky PC apps. Users of NCD's PC-Xware 5.0 server software access applications through a Web browser.

January 27, 1997