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Microsoft aims to build a better thesaurus

Borrowing techniques used in machine translation, a team of researchers in Redmond believes it has found a better way to serve up synonyms.

By February 20, 2009


Wikipedia not showing properly in Apple's Dictionary

Apple's Dictionary application is useful for grabbing information about items, either by looking them up in the dictionary or thesaurus, or by using online resources such as Wikipedia. Recently Wikipedia has undergone a few site and design changes, which has broken some of the ways items are displayed in the Dictionary application.

By May 28, 2010


Short Take: AOL, Merriam-Webster remove gay epithets

America Online removed an online thesaurus following complaints from gay rights groups about the synonyms it listed for "homosexual," the Associated Press reported. Merriam-Webster removed the synonyms as well, which included epithets such as "fruit" and "faggot." The latter apologized and is looking for other slurs in its Collegiate Thesaurus, the AP said.

By January 19, 1999


Offensive synonyms draw fire

Microsoft apologizes for derogatory entries in its Spanish-language Word thesaurus.

By July 7, 1996