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Google building data center in Taiwan to meet greater demand

Facing increased demand among users in Asia, the search giant is constructing its third data center in the region.

By April 3, 2012


Clean Urban Energy raises $7 million

A Chicago start-up scores Series A funding for its thermal-energy efficiency software platform and services.

By July 7, 2011


Report: Uninterruptible power supply poised for growth

Pike Research predicts UPS will grow from a $3.4 billion worldwide industry in 2011 to a $4.8 billion industry in 2016, perhaps making blackouts or power surges a thing of the past.

By July 7, 2011


Solar combo generator heats and powers

A new solar thermal system developed by Cool Energy will bring heat, hot water, and electricity to homes in Boulder, Colo., over the next few months.

By January 20, 2011


Nevada land approved for 500 megawatts of solar

Department of Interior approves third solar project to be built on public lands, but Solar Millennium awaits final approvals on energy purchase deal, water issues, funding.

By November 17, 2010


Spain plugs in largest solar-tower power plant

Abengoa Solar, a company focused on renewable energy technology, says that its second solar tower near Seville generates 20 megawatts of electricity.

By April 28, 2009


Throwing cold water on energy-hog air conditioners

Companies are bringing "ice storage" to ACs and look to take advantage of utilities' peak demand reduction programs. Photos: 21st-century icebox

By May 17, 2007


Keeping clean tech down-to-earth

For Vinod Khosla, the debate over solar power and other energy options comes down to pragmatic questions of cost.

April 16, 2007


Financial firms face fines for missing Y2K deadlines

The Securities and Exchange Commission slaps nine money management firms with heavy fines for failing to adequately report their Year 2000 readiness.

August 27, 1999