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Utility solar project adds molten salt for storage

SolarReserve lands deals to build concentrating solar power plants that can deliver power even with the sun isn't shining by using heated salt as storage.

By December 22, 2009


Nuclear power: Friend or foe to renewable energy?

In the discussion over the direction of clean energy, solar and wind figure heavily but now nuclear power is increasingly proposed as a complement to renewable energy.

By April 13, 2010


In clean energy, U.S. needs more steel in ground

Researching technology breakthroughs is worthwhile, but people in renewable energy say the U.S. needs to speed up installation of products to lower costs and stay competitive globally.

By February 6, 2010


Bill Gates thinks big on energy and climate

His new Gates Notes site reveals how deeply he is researching the topics of energy and environment, areas he says are ripe for technology innovation.

By January 21, 2010


IBM data center gets deep energy retrofit

IBM's "green innovation" data center uses cutting-edge technologies, such as temperature sensors, and building designs aimed at cutting energy consumption.

By September 17, 2009


Nobel laureate: Wind is not the future

One of the world's leading physicists warns that wind energy is a waste of resources and that solar energy should be the focus.

By June 1, 2009


Green news harvest: DOE's Chu on nukes, fuel cells

Energy Secretary Steven Chu explains the strategy for nuclear-fuel storage and power generation. In Washington, progress--and compromises--on an energy and climate bill.

By May 14, 2009


Spain plugs in largest solar-tower power plant

Abengoa Solar, a company focused on renewable energy technology, says that its second solar tower near Seville generates 20 megawatts of electricity.

By April 28, 2009


Green technologies to watch

The pace of change surrounding technology in clean energy and efficiency hasn't been this fast in years. As Earth Day nears, we take a measure of which areas look most promising.

By April 21, 2009


Where coal and clean tech meet

Massachusetts firm GreatPoint Energy is one of few green-tech start-ups with "steel in the ground," testing a method for turning coal into cleaner-burning natural gas.

By April 13, 2009