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Patent challenge looming for open-source codecs?

An e-mail from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, if authentic, could be the start of a patent offensive against open-source video codecs such as Ogg Theora.

By April 30, 2010


Built-in video arrives in Opera beta

A fourth browser now plays video with no plug-ins. But codec wars continue: It uses Ogg Theora, like Firefox and Chrome but not Safari.

By February 12, 2010


Web video gets H.264 royalty reprieve

The group that licenses the widely used H.264 video compression technology decides against adding a Web-streaming royalty charge that could have helped rival formats such as Ogg Theora.

By February 4, 2010


Firefox to open up to video...but not (yet) the video you want

Firefox is getting video, but it's getting a format that few care about and even fewer will notice.

By August 2, 2008


Microsoft takes H.264 stand in Web video debate

Internet Explorer 9 will support only the H.264 video technology. And Microsoft raises intellectual property concerns regarding the rival Ogg format.

By April 30, 2010


Wikipedia's controversial video player coming soon

According to interview with its video guru, the Web encyclopedia's revamped player is coming very soon. But its format is causing a stir in the open-source community.

By July 17, 2009


Mozilla takes on YouTube video choice

Google offers one Web-based video encoding technology, but Mozilla strongly prefers another. Could a third way cut the Gordian knot?

By January 25, 2010


Microsoft mocks Google's Web video decision

A satirical Microsoft blog post asserts that H.264 is the lingua franca of digital video and that Google is foolish--at best--for trying to convince the world to move to WebM instead.

By January 13, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1220: There's no place like (podcast)

On today's show, we discuss the coming of the IPv4 black market, throwing more nanodots at the solid-state storage market, and we've got two tech industry shockers: First, Sirius posted a profit, and second: AT&T did a nice thing for a listener. Plus, file-sharers are either the content industry's biggest customers or way worse than bank robbers. You decide.

By May 4, 2010


With IE9, Web video issue remains deadlocked

The preview version of the Microsoft browser shows that lots of new standards will be useful on the Web. But HTML5 video is caught between two formats.

By March 17, 2010