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Viewdle makes those horrid in-text links useful with celebrity mugs

Add little video clips to people's names you mention in blogs. Your readers can see a small video clip of whoever you're talking about.

By January 30, 2008


SimCity studio adds new servers, as EA pulls ad campaign

The company has asked affiliates to stop promoting the game, after its disastrous reception.

By March 9, 2013


Top news-reading apps for the iOS touch screen

If you like browsing the news on your iOS device, this week's collection offers some of the more visually appealing news apps for your reading pleasure.

By August 24, 2012


Pin more than just pictures to Pinterest with Pinstamatic

Pinterest is a terrific social network that has taken off in recent months. It's easy to share pictures, but what if you would like to share other info?

By May 15, 2012


How to get started with Mac RSS app MixTab

MixTab is an RSS reader for Macs that adds visual punch.

By March 28, 2012


Google pulls plug on Google Wave

The search giant says the real-time collaboration tool saw less use than the company had hoped. The company will aim to use technology in other products.

By August 4, 2010


Navigate Facebook's new privacy paradigm

Once again, Facebook has changed its privacy settings. Today's improvements are still a mixed bag, but a better one: they are generally easier to use but not as simple as they could be. There are a couple of curve balls thrown in, too.

By May 26, 2010


A view from Microsoft's disaster central

From a standard conference room at Microsoft's headquarters, the software maker coordinates its emergency response, such as the effort under way in Haiti.

By January 26, 2010


Web accessibility no longer an afterthought

Thanks to the work of Internet accessibility advocates, the world's move to the Web is more and more available to those with disabilities.

By December 14, 2009


Microsoft gives the MSN butterfly a makeover

It's given a new look to both its home page and the MSN butterfly logo. The main page now has just half as many links, with more videos and photos.

By November 3, 2009