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Tenrehte PicoWatt Smart Plug

At CES 2010, Molly Wood takes a look at the Tenrehte PicoWatt Smart Plug.

By February 9, 2010


A smart power outlet goes industrial

Startup Tenrehte wants to make smart-home gear--but it's first going after businesses willing to pay to remotely control equipment and cut wasted energy.

By January 11, 2012


Picowatt does smart grid without smart meter

Tenrehte Technologies' Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs called PicoWatt collect data on energy consumption and let people take advantage of off-peak rates.

By January 7, 2010


Devices you already own can be greener

Tenrehte Technologies allows consumers to monitor the power consumption of appliances in their homes. Any device plugged into the PICOwatt can be controlled with just a few clicks.

By November 18, 2009